Vegas Oddsmakers Favor Giants, Titans to Make Super Bowl

“They have to do it on the road, but as we saw last year with the Giants, it can be done.”

The Giants have the easiest road to the Feb. “It’s going to make for an interesting playoff.

Oddsmakers give Baltimore, the lowest seed in the AFC, a 14-1 shot at winning the title after opening the year at 125-1.

“The way we see it, it’s a crap shoot,” he said. The top two seeds in each conference earned first-round byes.

Sports books gave 30-1 odds on the Titans before the season began, longer odds than the Steelers, San Diego Chargers and Indianapolis Colts. “The AFC is closer bunched — there’s not a lot of difference between your top seed and the six seed.”. “They could be the Giants of this year.”

Each of four road teams — Indianapolis, Baltimore, Atlanta and Philadelphia — is favored in opening-round matchups to be played this weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see either of the one or two seeds from both conferences in the Super Bowl.”

“You just have a bigger difference there in the NFC — that’s why the Giants are favored,” Seba said.

“When everything looked like they were not going to make it, somehow everything fell into place,” Kornegay said. 1 seed to repeat as champions.

Kornegay said his oddsmakers are eyeing Philadelphia as a bottom seed team with enough momentum and confidence to make a run in the playoffs.

The Giants have a first-round bye, then would have to beat either the Arizona Cardinals or the Atlanta Falcons to reach the NFC championship game. 3 Miami Dolphins were the AFC’s biggest surprise during the regular season, but are still the conference longshots to win a title at 30-1, according to Las Vegas Sports Consultants, which recommends betting lines for 90 percent of sports books in Nevada.

The Tennessee Titans are the favorite among AFC teams to win a title at 4-1, closely followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers at 9-2.

The wild card Giants beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl earlier this year after starting the playoffs as the fifth seed in the NFC and defeating Tampa Bay, Dallas and Green Bay.

Jay Kornegay, executive director of the race and sports book at the Las Vegas Hilton, said there is essentially no difference between the Titans and Steelers, though the Hilton has the Titans slightly behind the Steelers because of Pittsburgh’s popularity among bettors.

“Baltimore and Indianapolis can get there almost as easy as Tennessee,” Seba said. Sports books set 40-1 odds on the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl, and 15-1 on the Falcons.

“You want to be in the NFC,” he said. 1 Super Bowl, while the AFC teams are more evenly matched, oddsmaker Mike Seba of Las Vegas Sports Consultants said Monday.

Las Vegas sports books favor the New York Giants over the 11 other teams in the NFL playoffs to win the Super Bowl, giving 2-to-1 odds on the NFC’s No. But Tennessee started the season with 10 straight wins while the Colts started slowly and San Diego lost eight of its first 12 games.

The No

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The Best, Worst Draft Picks For All 30 NBA Teams

Billups was a perfectly reasonable pick, but he had not even played a full season before the Celtics traded the future Finals MVP for Kenny Anderson.

Orlando MagicBEST: Dwight Howard No. *** BEST: Joe Dumars No. Sene scored exactly 100 points in 46 games for the Seattle-Oklahoma City franchise.

Golden State WarriorsBEST: Chris Mullin No. 3, 1978. 36, 1978. He appeared in 10 games for the Rockets the following season, scoring 17 points – and that was pretty much that.

Atlanta HawksBEST: Doc Rivers No. Bowie could never stay healthy enough to live up to his potential, and the Blazers have been re-living that misfortune recently with Greg Oden. A college star at Southern California, Miner was one of a handful of young, athletic players who at one point or another drew comparisons to Michael Jordan. Garnett averaged only 5.5 points and 4.3 rebounds in four seasons – two with Dallas and two with Indiana. *** WORST: Joe Smith No. 14, 1983. 5, 2003. There’s a reason the Knicks were so thrilled when they won the first draft lottery for the right to take Ewing. Taken ahead of Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol and Joe Johnson, Brown has posted a double-figure scoring average only once in his career. 1, 1985. Portland also took LaRue Martin over Bob McAdoo with the top pick in 1972. In a draft heavy on big men, the Pistons were able to land Dumars late in the first round, and he would team up with Isiah Thomas to form a championship-winning backcourt. In 2009, the Grizzlies took Hasheem Thabeet at No. The Suns also drafted Steve Nash at No. 31 pick, 1983. *** WORST: Lee Johnson No. No surprise here… 3 to acquire Johnny Davis. 3, 2003. Larry Bird was eligible for this draft, but the Pacers decided not to wait a year for the Indiana native, who was headed back to college for his senior season. The bigger problem for New York was that Weis didn’t play a game for the Knicks. 1, 1997. He had a solid rookie season (13.4 ppg) but couldn’t stay healthy and was released after three years.

Minnesota TimberwolvesBEST: Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett, No. 3, 1987. *** WORST: Dennis Hopson No. Then Kahn hired a coach, Kurt Rambis, who employed a system that did not suit Flynn’s ball-dominant style of play, and the league quickly overwhelmed him. Gasol’s impact was immediate, and he may have been the best player taken in that draft.

New Orleans PelicansBEST: Chris Paul No. Flynn was chosen right after the Wolves took another point guard, Ricky Rubio, as part of then-president David Kahn’s ill-fated scheme to have the two play in the backcourt together like Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars did in Detroit. 1. **** WORST: Jay Williams No. 2, 1968. The Bucks got to draft Abdul-Jabbar despite winning 11 more games than the Phoenix Suns in 1968-69. 2, 2003 Milicic was the man picked between LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. *** BEST: Pau Gasol No. Griffin missed the whole 2009-10 season because of a broken kneecap, but he’s now one of several reasons this downtrodden franchise is finally enjoying some buzz. 1 draft choices in any sport. Williams, the charismatic point guard from Duke, played only one season in the NBA before a career-ending motorcycle accident.

Charlotte BobcatsWORST: Adam Morrison No. *** WORST: Mouhamed Sene No. *** BEST: Blake Griffin No.

Houston RocketsBEST: Hakeem Olajuwon No. 4, 1982. 5, 2002. This is where longevity factors in. 18, 1985. Hughes played only one season in the NBA, averaging 5.2 points per game.

Brooklyn NetsBEST: Buck Williams No. *** WORST: Alfredrick Hughes No. 6, 1985. *** WORST: Chauncey Billups No. 8, 2008. 15 in 1996, although his best seasons in Phoenix were during his second stint there, which came about via free agency. 6, 1977 The Lakers haven’t had too many significant whiffs. He was traded to Houston before his rookie season, and the team would spend only two more seasons in Canada before moving to Memphis. 2, 2002. 11, 1987. The Nuggets had eight straight losing seasons before Anthony came on board. *** WORST: William Bedford No. 6. 4, 2005. Humphries has produced more for the Nets in recent years, but that doesn’t do Utah much good.

Sacramento KingsBEST: Peja Stojakovic No. If you don’t want to count Bryant as a Los Angeles pick, Magic Johnson at No. 1 in 1979 worked out OK, too. *** WORST: Joe Alexander No. 13, 1996. Obviously, this story took a dramatic, disappointing turn for Cleveland, but his seven years there will never be forgotten. Williams is still the franchise’s career scoring leader thanks to an impressive eight-year run in New Jersey. The most tragic pick for the Celtics was Len Bias, whose death shortly after the 1986 draft transcended the game, but in terms of mismanagement, Boston’s handling of the third pick in ’97 probably still stings a bit. Davis played fine for Indiana. Francis made little attempt to hide his displeasure when picked by the Grizzlies, who played in Vancouver back then. **** WORST: Frederic Weis No. 15, 1999. The Bulls were already running in place a bit after drafting Marcus Fizer in 2000 and Eddy Curry in 2001. This young franchise has never picked No. Vazquez surprised the Magic by staying in Europe, leaving Orlando with nothing to show for that first-round pick. **** WORST: Kris Humphries No. *** WORST: Nikoloz Tskitishvili No. *** WORST: Bill Garnett No. Oh, and the Wolves passed on Stephen Curry to take him.

Philadelphia 76ersBEST: Maurice Cheeks No. Olowokandi was picked ahead of Mike Bibby, Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce. James led the Cavs on their most successful run – five straight playoff appearances and a Finals trip in 2007. This was a rough year for highly touted big men – Reid, Stacey King and Pervis Ellison never developed into NBA stars.

Los Angeles ClippersWORST: Michael Olowokandi No. The second Cincinnati product to go in the top six that year behind No. 4, 2003. Not even Kersey could make up for the fact that Portland infamously passed up Michael Jordan in `84. *** BEST: Emeka Okafor No. It broke. He averaged 3.2 points in three seasons with the Nuggets and was traded to Golden State in 2005.

Indiana PacersBEST: Reggie Miller No. 5, 1989. Charles Barkley (No. These two seemed joined at the hip during their playing days, so why not keep them together? What Utah pulled off with a pair of mid-first round picks was remarkable. 1, 2004. 11, 2005. 3 pick wasn’t as kind a few years later. Smith was taken ahead of Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett.. *** WORST: Rick Robey No. Danny Granger was taken six spots later.

Toronto RaptorsBEST: Chris Bosh No. Jamaal Wilkes was among the players available when Philadelphia picked Barnes.

Miami HeatBEST: Dwyane Wade No. The Cavs won the NBA draft lottery, parlaying that good fortune into the selection of James, who single-handedly resurrected a flopping franchise. Barnes signed with the Spirits of St. Ouch. 2, 1974. 6, 2000. 14, 2004. 9, 2002. It was viewed as a risk because of the possibility Nowitzki might stay in Europe for a couple years, but he came to Dallas for that first season and quickly emerged as a star for the Mavs. 1 overall. Paul was taken between Deron Williams and Raymond Felton – a nice little run of excellent college point guards. 6, 2009. He ended up in Los Angeles in exchange for Vlade Divac. 5, 1995. Bird was taken by Boston at No. The pick itself wasn’t as bad as the opportunity cost. Morrison averaged 11.8 points as a rookie, but a knee injury cost him the whole 2007-08 season and he was traded in 2009. Carr averaged 11.6 points per game in his NBA career but spent just over two seasons with the Lakers. Were Howard’s eight seasons in Orlando more valuable than Shaquille O’Neal’s four? Howard is first on Orlando’s career scoring list. 1, 1969. Danny Manning put up good numbers for the Clippers after they took him with the top pick in 1988, but the team remained largely irrelevant.

Utah JazzBEST: John Stockton Karl Malone No. Talk about a diamond in the rough – Cheeks gave Philadelphia a decade of solid point guard play, and the team won an NBA title in 1983. Karl Malone was picked at No. They held onto the Frenchman’s draft rights all the way until 2008, when they swapped them for … 2. 7, 1985. Denver made the playoffs seven straight seasons with Anthony leading the team before he was traded to the New York Knicks in a blockbuster 2011 deal. Rivers played eight solid seasons in Atlanta. 17, 1979. Stoudemire won rookie of the year honors to begin a fine eight-year run in Phoenix. Let’s get one thing straight: There’s no shame in being dunked on by Vince Carter. Unseld pulled off a rare double by winning rookie of the year and MVP honors in 1968-69. Hopson played only five seasons in the NBA, three with the Nets.

Memphis GrizzliesWORST: Steve Francis No. New York was a 24-win team the previous season and desperately needed a franchise player to build around. Included in Mullin’s terrific run with the Warriors was a five-year stretch in which he averaged at least 25 points every season. Shaq is fourth. Paul is the shortest of the three, but his game translated just fine to the pros, and he spent six terrific seasons with New Orleans. Worth the wait, to say the least. He was taken one spot ahead of Bernard King.

Chicago BullsBEST: Michael Jordan No. *** WORST: Kenny Carr No. 2, 1984. 10, 2006. One year before taking James, the Cavs went out on a limb and took the 19-year-old Wagner. Kevin Durant might eventually hold this title, but Payton still stands out, especially since other teams struggled to find impact players in the draft that year. Okafor gave Charlotte five solid seasons before being traded to New Orleans.

Denver NuggetsBEST: Carmelo Anthony No. Bedford averaged 6.7 points as a rookie in his only season with the Suns.

Cleveland CavaliersBEST: LeBron James No. The Pacers actually had the top pick, but traded down to No. *** WORST: JR Reid No. 13, 1985. **** BEST: Clyde Drexler No. Bosh, Toronto’s career leader in scoring and rebounding, gets the nod for a franchise that has won only one playoff series. Louis of the ABA and never played for the 76ers. The No. A missed opportunity. Picked before Al Jefferson and Josh Smith, Humphries played a couple nondescript seasons in Utah before the Jazz traded him to Toronto for Rafael Araujo – another first-round pick who hadn’t panned out. 1, 2009. 3, 2006. After missing the entire 2002-03 season, he was able to play again in the NBA – but his career with the Hawks was over.

Detroit PistonsWORST: Darko Milicic No. Drafting players straight from high school wasn’t common in 1995, when the Timberwolves took the skinny Garnett out of Chicago’s Farragut Academy. 6, 1986. *** BEST: Wes Unseld No. 2, 1990. Chris Mullin went next, followed by Detlef Schrempf and Charles Oakley. He did follow Jordan’s footsteps in one respect – by winning multiple titles in the dunk contest.

Washington WizardsWORST: Kwame Brown No. 1, 1998. Duncan has been nothing less than one of the best No. Robey played only half a season for the Pacers – although he later won a title alongside Bird in Boston.

Oklahoma City ThunderBEST: Gary Payton No. 12, 1999 The 7-foot-3 Radojevic played all of three games for the Raptors. Charlotte drafted Bryant but immediately announced that his rights would be traded. 1 pick Kenyon Martin, Johnson played two seasons with Atlanta before breaking his neck in a car crash. 6, 1978. *** WORST: Aleksandar Radojevic No. **** WORST: DerMarr Johnson No. Plenty of teams passed on Rivers, who was part of a draft that also included talented point guards Derek Harper and Darrell Walker. 3, 1981. 1, 2001. *** WORST: Harold Miner No. *** WORST: Jonny Flynn No. They went 43-39 in his first season, with Anthony averaging 21 points as a rookie. Smith had a perfectly decent career, playing over 1,000 games in the pros, but he was with the Warriors for less than three seasons, and it was clear pretty early that he wasn’t the type of franchise player you’d hope to draft at No. Olajuwon’s career was so transcendent that the Rockets have drawn little criticism for passing on Michael Jordan. Let’s be honest: There’s not a lot of competition for this honor. 3, 2001. Alexander never started a game for the Bucks, and Milwaukee eventually traded him and his expiring contract to Chicago in 2010.

New York KnicksBest: Patrick Ewing No. The Pistons won the NBA title in 2004 – but this choice still haunts them. 13.

Portland Trail BlazersWORST: Sam Bowie No. 2, 2004. The first three picks in `82 were James Worthy, Terry Cummings and Dominique Wilkins.

Boston CelticsBEST: Larry Bird No. 14, 1985. 5 in 1984) could have been the pick here, but he played only half his career in Philly. 12, 1992. Johnson did not play in the NBA at all in the 1979-80 season. He was limited by back problems, and they traded him to Denver in 2001.

Phoenix SunsBEST: Amar’e Stoudemire No. *** WORST: DaJuan Wagner No. *** WORST: Joe Kleine No. He later helped Washington to the 1978 championship.

San Antonio SpursBEST: Tim Duncan No. 6, 2002. In a testament to how deep that `96 draft was, the Kings ended up with a quality player one spot after Kobe Bryant was taken. 9, 1998. The 7-footer from the Republic of Georgia never blossomed in Denver. 3 in 1986, played even fewer games for the Warriors, but that was a disappointing draft in general. Milwaukee technically drafted Nowitzki, but that was part of a prearranged deal with Dallas. 14, 1996. He struggled so much he was assigned to the D-League during his rookie season. Atlanta took the 7-footer from Spain, but the Hawks were picking for the Grizzlies as part of a trade. **** WORST: Franz Vazquez No. The selection of Miller – over the objections of Pacers fans who wanted Indiana to take hometown favorite Steve Alford – changed the direction of the franchise. In 1986, the Pistons came up with another steal when they took Dennis Rodman in the second round, but Dumars played with Detroit his entire career and is now the team’s president.

Dallas MavericksBEST: Dirk Nowitzki No. **** WORST: Marvin Barnes No. Patrick Ewing Jr.

Los Angeles LakersBEST: Kobe Bryant No. This was back when the league would determine the top pick with a coin flip. 1, 1995. 16, 1984, and Karl Malone, No. 3, 1984. Of course, the Spurs were able to build around him by adding Manu Ginobili late in the second round in 1999 and Tony Parker late in the first in 2001. Miller turned the fans’ draft-night boos into cheers by helping the Pacers become perennial contenders from the mid-1990s until his retirement in 2005. 1, 2003. 1, 1984. In addition to Drexler, the Blazers also nabbed Terry Porter late in the first round in 1985 and Jerome Kersey with the 46th overall pick in 1984.

Milwaukee BucksBEST: Kareem Abdul Jabbar No. 2, 1999. 3, 1997. Red Auerbach drafted Bird in the first round even though it would be another year before the Indiana State star became a professional. All he did was become the best player in franchise history and one of the best power forwards in league history. Details have always been sketchy, but years later, Bill Branch – a scout for the Hornets in `96 – told the Winston-Salem Journal that the deal was already in place, and the Lakers had told Charlotte whom to pick. Chris Washburn, who Golden State picked at No. An honorable mention goes to Calvin Murphy, a second-round pick by the Rockets in 1970. The Heat, of course, now have three of the top five picks from 2003 in their starting lineup, but before teaming up with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, Wade led Miami to its first NBA title in 2006

Moreno Brings Class to New Orleans

7 at Santa Anita Park.  The son of Ghostzapper will drop back a furlong in distance to the 1 1/8 miles at which he won the Grade I $1.5 million Whitney Handicap last year – his best career performance.  A confirmed speed horse, Moreno has proven before that he can rate and that is something he may be forced to do on Saturday when he breaks from post five under Joe Talamo. 



Southern Equine Stables’ homebred Grade I winner Moreno makes the second start of his 5-year-old campaign on Saturday as the expected favorite of nine entrants in the Grade II $400,000 New Orleans Handicap at Fair Grounds Race Course Slots.  Over 1 1/8 miles on the main track, the New Orleans was won last year by subsequent Eclipse Award finalist Palace Malice and this year, in its 90th running, it offers a field flush with classic speed and promising upstarts. 



The remainder of the New Orleans field is comprised of impressive local allowance winner Indycott (Richard Eramia, post seven), from the stable of leading trainer Tom Amoss and leading owner Maggi Moss, and recent restricted stakes winner One King’s Man (Miguel Mena, post eight), who wears the red and white of leading national owners Kenneth and Sarah Ramsey and starts for promising young trainer Joe Sharp.

Another graded stakes-class horse with speed is Twin Creeks Racing Stables’ homebred Red Rifle, who breaks from the rail under Florent Geroux for trainer Todd Pletcher.  Third, 2½ lengths astern Mystery Train last out in the Mineshaft, the son of Giant’s Causeway should appreciate the additional real estate, as his best races have been at nine furlongs and beyond – including a gate-to-wire win in the 10-furlong Grade II $250,000 Hawthorne Gold Cup at Hawthorne Race Course in November the last time Geroux was in the irons. 

Expected to be the fastest of the fast in the early going is Jed Cohen’s multiple Group I-winning Argentinian horse Mystery Train.  In four stateside races since being imported from South America, the son of Not For Sale has a single solid performance, but that was last out when a game pace-setting second in the local New Orleans prep – the Grade III $125,000 Mineshaft Handicap over 1 1/16 miles.  Twice a winner at 10 furlongs on the dirt in his native country, the Darrell Vienna trainee has little stamina questions, but will be checked for class when he goes head-to-head with Moreno early on in the race.  Francisco Torres, who was aboard for his Mineshaft effort, returns to the saddle form post three.


Moreno wins 2014 Whitney.

Photo: Adam Mooshian, NYRA

Possibly overlooked but entering the race with the highest last-race speed figure is the late Jim Tafel’s Afford from the barn of Greg Geier.  In his second start of 2015 on Mar. 1, the son of Street Sense made change of a talented field of allowance horses, including second- and third-place finishers Go Go Rocket (Brian Hernandez, Jr., post two) and Call Me George (James Graham, post nine), who also entered back in the New Orleans.  Robby Albarado, who was aboard for that 5½-length waltz last out, returns from post four.

Source: Fair Grounds Race Course Slots

 . Jones’ homebred Albano from the barn of Larry Jones.  A visually impressive gate-to-wire winner last out in the $100,000 Maxxam Gold Cup at Sam Houston over this distance, the son of Istan was also second last year in the Grade I $1 million Haskell Invitational at Monmouth Park and has consistently shown the ability to rate – which may come in handy in this seemingly speed-heavy renewal.  Kerwin Clark will be aboard from post six. 

Trained by Eric Guillot, Moreno exits a second to the world’s top-ranked horse, Shared Belief, in the Grade I $1 million Santa Anita Handicap on Mar. Probable to receive plenty of respect at the windows is Brereton C

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Colin Hayes: Champion Horse Racing Trainer

One wonders if he gave it out as a good horse racing tip. Training horses that won races became child’s play for Hayes, a playing field that brought money, accolades, and plenty of fame, making him a most sought after trainer, which was a sharp contrast to his early days at Barossa Valley.. Undeterred by the loss, Hayes launched his first training session at Lindsay Park on 1 August 1970, a day which catapulted the trainer to fame which lasted for 30 years. Hayes obviously imparted the right training principles to bring home 28 Adelaide and 13 Melbourne Trainers’ Premierships.

The champion trainer’s incredible skills paid rich dividends with thoroughbreds such as Beldale Ball, who won the 1980 Melbourne Cup, and At Talaq, the formidable winner of the 1986 Melbourne Cup. Although this brought him his first trainer’s premiership in 1956, Hayes had bigger ambitions to breed winners and set up another stable 80 kilometers north-east of Adelaide, in Barossa Valley. Among the other thousands of fillies, colts, and geldings to be trained by the skilled hands of Colin Hayes is Rory’s Jester, winner of the 1985 Golden Slipper Stakes, and Dulcify, winner of the VRC Derby and AJC Derby. The land was conducive to raising horses with a very rich pasture and paddocks that were some of the best in the country. This quote is apt for champion trainer of thoroughbred racehorses, Colin Sidney Hayes (AM) (OBE), who has the credit of training 5,333 winners. Although his best placement was a third spot in the 1948 Great Eastern Steeplechase run at Oakbank, little did he know that it would spark the beginning of a long and glorious career as a trainer of thoroughbred horses and a long list of trophies including two Melbourne Cups in 1980 and 1986.

Colin Hayes was prompted by Surefoot to put his best foot forward and enlarge his business as a trainer, with the introduction of ‘Surefoot Lodge’, his first stable at Semaphore.

“If a horse becomes more beautiful in the course of his work, it is a sign that the training principles are correct.” Colonel Podhajsky. Colin’s sons, David and Peter, followed in his footsteps. However, his keen interest in horse racing made him cough up £9 to purchase a steeplechaser named Surefoot, who Hayes’s rode as an amateur. However, the determined trainer formed a syndicate that purchased an 800-hectare property known as Lindsay Park. Lindsay Park before long became the most successful training and breeding complex in Australian racing history.

In 1924, born in Sempaphore, South Australia, the passing away of his father when he was 10 years old, forced him to take up early employment becoming a boilermaker for the South Australian Electicity Trust. His critics thought it to be a wrong move and considered the stable to be too far from the city area. The property at Lindsay Park incorporated a 38 room manor made from marble and sandstone quarried from this property and built in 1840.

On the 23rd January, 1982, a day that Colin Hayes’s will never likely to forget was when he managed in a single day to win 10 individual races and creating a world record. Unfortunately, Peter Hayes died in a plane crash in 2001.

Colin Hayes’s move to Barossa Valley made him lose business from several owners, reducing his stable to 16 horses from a formidable 40

Sports :: Horse Racing Forums – Free Tips, Betting Advice and Systems

When you think about it, all the talking carried out in forums is actually the free exchange of information. Sure, you know that you are not the only one with an interest in horse racing. These factors are the most important two reasons why the internet continues to develop each day. You will be able to relate with other people who share the same passion as you do about this brilliant sport of kings.

Two aspects stand out of the significance of today’s internet: connection and advertising. Many people remain on the same forum for years, and the humour and friendliness become part of their life, and horse racing gives you plenty of opening for this kind of gossip.

iii) Information: A lot of people who go to forums do so in order to reveal, gather, or exchange information. In fact, a lot of people today go to see a horse racing forum due to many reasons.

So why is it important that people drop in on forums in order to express themselves? For one thing, in the real world it may be difficult to find people who want to chat about the subject. i) Expression: A lot of people visit horse racing forums in order to convey their various emotions regarding a particular horse or race. Via online forums, people can put across their opinions and various thoughts on countless subjects and hobbies such as horse racing. Other people adore the sport of kings as much as you do. You can read about the many opinions of others and impart your thoughts on those. However, forums based on horse racing allow you not only to discuss a race, but also for numerous people to express how they consider the race to be run, and who they think the winner will be. To be more exact, some people go to horse racing forums in order to learn how to enhance their profits. In the past, a person could chat about the bias of gambling in the bookmakers and have people listen to them. This can be very important for people who do not have inside information on the race track.

Those reasons are:. Most people fit into two groups, those that purchase, and those that chat to each other. A horse racing forum can help people impart a lot of opinions, isn’t that what interaction on the internet is all about?

This is another basis why horse racing forums are so critical. This can be incredibly frustrating, but nothing to get suicidal about! By going to a horse racing forum, you should be able to discover someone with the same level of devotion that you have.

The internet provides a lot of people with, video chat, chat rooms,instant messaging, forums and many other means of communication in order to help them put across their opinions and thoughts online. Nevertheless, it is often the case that the people who you talk to on a daily basis and with whom you frequently interact do not always share the same passion that you do. Currently, a lot of betting is done on the internet, so people to chat with about the topic on the High Street are harder to find.

ii) Discussion: Expression can refer exclusively to you having other people pay attention to your thoughts and ideas. In a racing forum, a person can share their hopes of backing a winner, the sense of success and the agony of defeat. They either get free tips, systems, betting advice, and help on numerous other forms of gambling. This means that people can to respond to what other people have said. This latter form of communication requires particular software.

iv) Humour: You will often find a great deal of pleasant chitchat on many forums, although you’ll always have the odd cantankerous folk, and a few muppets

Sports Contribution To Economy

Private and public interests do not meet indirectly through the cunning intermediary, but directly. It is included in the areas of sport as an economically independent area with high technologies in some industries.

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I am football payer, I study management in sport and I find this site about this article. It becomes a source of huge revenues, and athletes became modern gladiators in the service business. As already noted, the sport has cleared the way, and only much later that the money will provide the appropriate institutions for them, that was highlighted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF, founded in 1944). But before that, sports and money were linked to each other comprehensively. Business is increasingly becoming a way of life and style of behavior. One of the most important accessories in this context is the swimming caps. Money and financial returns are becoming powerful drivers. The gears and equipment for swimming are designed to make your activity all the more joyful and comfortable.

The Best Badminton Shoes Online Can Create A Difference In Your Game By: Pen Name jemmyjack | Mar 4th 2015 – If you are associated with badminton, you should never take the game lightly. Investors and sponsors do not necessarily get the money or cash on the action although it is still uncertain if they participate in any form of gambling.

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How The Petzl Grillon Hook Works By: Camille Ocon | Mar 18th 2015 – In the fall protection range, the Petzl Grillon Hook, which is a positioning lanyard, is of utmost importance. All mentioned processes have contributed to the connection between sports and business firms established. Money, as known to many people, is something ugly and untidy that destroys bonds and decent sports.

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By: Dvorzak Petrovic

The relationship between sports and the economy has been changing but the bond between them has not been sincerely tested yet. Investing money in sports affected the transformation of society and properties. Today, at the end of the century, sports are foreshadowed as the manager of modern times. One of the most important things that you require is shoes.

How To Take The Latest Indian Super League News Of Fc Goa? By: Margaret White | Mar 3rd 2015 – Want to understand the match reports related to FC Pune City?

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Sports become a very lucrative business, which individuals, teams and companies make huge profits. After all, it is a serious game, and you need to put on high performance. Financial motivation in the sport is not far from the motivation for fame. However, as the community becomes more desired for money, sports are now considered as just mere games.

Today, sports have become a golden cage business. When you realize the glory of the sport, it is very easy to get money. If you are into swimming, you should not forget to put on the swimming accessories before diving into water. Proceeds from ti …

It Is Time To Invest On The Best Swimming Caps Online By: Pen Name jemmyjack | Mar 4th 2015 – Swimming is a passion for many. Filled with money, it sometimes deteriorates the moral bankruptcy and is often liked to political projects. In fact, you are aware this is an inevitable gear found in every swimmer …

Buy Swimming Goggles Online And Swim In Comfort And Safety By: Pen Name jemmyjack | Mar 4th 2015 – If you love swimming and you are a beginner, there are lots of protective gears that you will require. Even though sports and money are connected to each other, we shouldn’t allow it to become an obvious form of money making. Investment processes are open to almost everybody without disputes. The world of money and sports are completely different but their links began to fail as the twentieth century ended. “Honest professionalism” today strengthens the insatiable appetite for investing money in sports. In modern motor sport, market activity shows the invested money going back and earning it. The process of cultivating business and sponsorship in sport is taking place rapidly, as it is evident that the attractiveness of the sport becomes a reason for an exemplary life of modern man. Economy is interpolated in sport and on the other hand, sports pave ways for the economy. Sports serve as a space for many companies to integrate with its environment and ensure the necessary legitimacy for its development. Meanwhile, the logic of profit has been the basis in regulating relations in most sports. Investing in sports events is risky. Local communities and sports authorities take the lead in promoting sports while merchants sell their products and equipments with minimal economic value. This positioning lanyard allows tower climbers and similar to achieve close proximity at their workstation, allowing comfortable and of course, safe positioning.

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Twin Rinks Ferraro Brothers Team Usa To Host Israeli National Team For Charity Event By: Indra Public Relations | Mar 5th 2015 – Twin Rinks of Eisenhower Park and Ferraro Brothers Hockey are proud to host the Israeli National Team for a charity exhibition game against Ferarro Brothers Team USA on Saturday, March 7, 2015, at 7:30pm at Twin Rinks main arena located at 200 Merrick Ave in Long Island. It oftentimes occurs with “specialists” involve in money making.

Sports are increasingly joining up with those who do not have the publicity but have adequate financial power. There is no aspect between sports and money that favors sports. Swimming is fun and enjoyable

Have you ever heard anyone talk about furlongs apart from when it involves horse racing?

You told me to keep my shoes on and the window open, b/c I wouldn’t be there furlong–and you expected your bf to arrive at any moment. All it needs is:

c in furlongs/fortnight

and, most useful:

1 mph is 2688 furlongs per fortnight.

Paste this into either search engine and hit ENTER:

speed of light in furlongs/fortnight

If you major in physics you’ll learn all of these fascinating conversions and more. The Google and Bing calculators recognize the units and they can use them in their velocity conversions..

198 inches per rod

40 rods per furlong

8 furlongs per mile

160 square rods = 1 acre

1 square furlong = 10 acres

Ah, yes, I remember. LOL

I’m glad you took the “hurry up b/c my bf will be here any minute” joke cheerfully. :)

The important furlong conversions to remember are:

Furlongs per fortnight is a classic joke among physics and other science majors. LOL

Google even recognizes “c” as the speed of light. That raises you to my highest level of respect

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Gameplay is simple if you understand how to assemble hands in poker.

As you play and win, you begin to level up which offers bonus coins and keys. In my opinion it’s a bit if an identity crisis since this is a video poker game.


Watch on Mobile | Watch in HD

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Content Rating: Medium Maturity

Fun and addictive solitaire game of video poker!

Bonuses; level up, periodic, for downloading other games, etc.!. You can double bet or even bet all your chips in higher levels.

If you play well, there’s a nice threshold of gameplay you can extend before the need of paying real cash to buy credits to play. Android Game Review:

Pros Cons:

Identity crisis with the inclusion of full slots games.

Game freezes on rare attempts to make Straight.

Minor: not as action packed but good casino fun.


Play casino style VIDEO POKER – Jacks or Better on your phone or tablet. A club is 100 players working together to hit milestones of Club Points which unlock huge credit rewards. There are several other bonuses spread out to keep you coming back for more such as periodic coin bonuses every four hours, collect eggs that hatch into free coins in a few days, plus you can get free coins for downloading other games (many of which are good because we have reviewed them). Get a Royal Flush to hit the Jackpot and gain all the coins from the ever growing pot. Set your bet amount, then tap each card you would like to hold, then deal. There’s only one turn which replaces the cards you toss to make a winning or bust hand. a pair of 10’s won’t cut it, you’ll need Jacks or Better to win the minimum hand. Think you have what it takes to hit the jackpot? Download the game now and read/watch this video review!

Play casino style VIDEO POKER – Jacks or BetterInstall

Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases

For some variety there is the inclusion of the developer’s slots game less the background music. You do not play against these others in real-time, yet this is an attribution to the club in your solo gameplay.


by Antonio Wells Mar 7, 2015 8:35 AM –

In this VIDEO POKER game… :D Furthermore, you can level up to the point of reaching the MVP club. Bet big to win big. Each winning hand is multiplied by your bet amount