Crap’s Last Tape: Review of

But it’s hard to imagine John Lennon agreeing to launch his career on Fox. Sometimes he is ready to declare victory: right now, he writes, musicians are connecting with fans through social network websites, alerting them to concerts and TV and radio appearances, selling merchandising and CD’s , and booking tour dates. Sometimes he declares that the promised land is in sight: reminding readers that there will be 750 million new wireless broadband subscribers in the next decade in the U.S. But even the Grateful Dead had fifty employees.

In many ways, Ripped is a wish that wants to give birth to a fact. And sometimes he isn’t sure: worrying, along with one veteran music observer, that “once the paradise of infinite storage is entered it will represent the end of all intellectual property rights.”

In over a dozen deliciously detailed profiles, ranging from Prince to Pitchfork, from Bright Eyes to Danger Mouse, from Radiohead to Reznor, Kot cites — and celebrates — musicians and entrepreneurs who refuse to bow to tradition. File-sharing, sampling, downloading, blogs, ezines, and the iPod, he claims, are beginning to allow artists to break down the unholy hegemony between the majors and corporate radio, take control of the “products” they have created and get a fairer share of the profits.

The music critic of The Chicago Tribune, Kot agrees. The truth is, artists need infrastructure. and Western Europe alone. Sure, bands like Death Cab for Cutie will utilize the tools of the Digital Age differently, and younger artists are taking advantage of ever-newer technologies. They’re taking the initiative — taking up the pitchforks, if you will — while many others are hoping for a utopia where no middlemen take more than they deserve, the artists reach the audiences directly, and fans buy the best stuff available.

Kot knows his stuff. That is the concept that is dying. As John Mellencamp said of Prince, “I think it’s more work than he wants it to be. The world’s biggest rock star was associating his band with a product (the iPod), but he might as well have been talking about the perpetual relationship between artists and commerce. In Ripped, an informative and entertaining state-of-play piece on contemporary music, he suggests that technology may well be making it possible for a new generation of artists and fans to mess with the mean, money-grubbing, mediocrities in the record business and usher in a revolution of sound and fury.

Halfway through Ripped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music, Jack Rabid, editor of the fanzine The Big Takeover, blurts out author Greg Kot’s thesis: “What’s dying is the idea of only the crappiest crap, made with the crappiest intentions, with the crappiest production, to entice the most airtime on the crappiest giant chains of radio stations, bought and paid for by crappy labels, and dictated by some crappy, contemptuous, lowest-common-denominator-projecting programming exec from his crappy polling printouts in some crappy office somewhere, to ensure we all swallow the same crap all over the country at the same crappy time, and then placing that one slice of crap on a longer disc with a bunch of even crappier crap. Amen.”

Unfortunately, the truth may well be that it is (the aptly named) Jack Rabid who is full of crap.

Bono understands the game better than anyone and nails the point that Kot pokes at. Some artists, of course, do have a knack for entrepreneurship. Who wants that?”

Part of the problem is that finding a commentator with something good to say about the music industry is about as easy as finding a politician who’ll admit she’s an atheist. Lauded by Kot as allowing the customer to be a “coconspirator” and “creative partner,” moreover, Trent Reznor’s five-tiered pricing system got traction after the Reznor-produced Saul Williams’ song “List of Demands” appeared in a Nike commercial. In the fast-moving technological age, he declared, “you’ve got to deal with the devil.”

Most artists, as Kot acknowledges, don’t want to be businessmen. If you start with fifty dollars and subtract a buck for every partisan of the record business, you’ll have enough left to download the $47.95 Danger Mouse Essentials from iTunes.

Finally, Kot doesn’t always make clear where “acceptable” commercialism starts, subverts, or stops. And, in perhaps the greatest misdirection in music history, U2’s flogging of the iPod was disguised by Bono as support for the “most beautiful art object in musical culture since the electric guitar…”

Nonetheless, even for those who say they want a revolution, after the Thermidor, summer gives way to fall, all the leaves are brown, and the realities of show business set in. But Ripped is about what is happening to music, and Kot stands with the T shirts and not the suits. Even if radio, the dinosaur, is dying, there is substantial evidence that mass sales in music — like any other business — will continue to depend upon someone with lots of money to drive audiences to artists.. Death Cab for Cutie, it’s important to remember, took off when one of the characters on The O.C said he loved the band. His book is never better than when it is in the music. While Kot’s artists may be exceptions that prove the rule, the case Ripped makes that the business has — or will — change permanently, is not compelling. It has to be. You gotta do it yourself

Serendipity Poker: Tips and Strategy

One Pair of Queens plus a King beats One Pair of Queens plus a 4, because the King outranks the 4. Two Pairs beat One Pair.

One Pair [Two cards of the same number]

Two Pair [One Pair plus another One Pair]

Three of a Kind [Three cards of the same number]

Straight [Five cards of consecutive numbers; suits need not match.]

Flush [Five cards of the same suit]

Full House [One Pair plus one Three of a Kind]

Four of a Kind[Four cards of the same number]

Straight Flush [Five consecutive numbers, all the same suit]

Royal Flush [10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace all the same suit]

Serge the Wimp would have folded after the All In bet. at least until someone says “All In,” then they fold like a cheap tent.

I like to chip away at these players with a bet each turn, once I see that my hand will make at least something. The default bet is 10, 100, or 10000 depending on which level you chose.

However, Sazh is taking a risk. They’ll Fold during Pre-flop if they’ve got low, mismatched cards, and they Fold after the Flop if they still don’t have anything They’ll Check with One Pair. Reckless players will bet the instant they get One Pair, and if there’s another reckless player next to them, they’ll escalate a betting war even if one of the two of them has nothing at all! You should fold and let them take each other out.

Gameplay Basics – For total newbies

Poker Hands in Serendipity


Video Example: How to Read Another Player – That Same Video

This is why Sazh’s “All In” wager isn’t entirely crazy: his One Pair of Kings could beat any One Pair of Eva’s.

You’d think Reckless players would be easy to handle: wait until you’ve got 3 of a Kind or better, then go All In, and they’re liable to go All In and wipe out most or all of their coins (for some reason, All In doesn’t take ALL the coins, if there’s been a few turns of betting). When they get so low on coins that All In for them is no worse than 4x the default bet, they may actually Call your bluff.)

Often, reckless players will Fold following the “River” (fifth card) if they still have nothing.

Different players are more or less aggressive. I’ve seen him bet on the Flop even with nothing in his hand. The person with the best hand who hasn’t folded wins the pot — all the coins bet in that round.

Analysis of Video Above

Steady players do a little of this and a little of that. (The tiebreaking card is known as a “Kicker.”)

If you get to the last card on the table, you’ve got at least two pairs, and Mr. Then watch carefully to see whether they bet Pre-flop (which means they have One Pair in their pocket), or place their first bet after the Flop (which means a pocket card just matched something on the table). So as soon as she bets, we can deduce she must have at least One Pair of 8s, 10s, or Queens.

Here’s that video I showed you above. For example, if there’s two Kings on the board, any but the wimpiest player will bet on the premise that they have a good pair. Whereas Eva responded with “All In,” recklessly assuming that her One Pair would beat Sazh’s hand no matter what he had. Pay attention to when Eva bets in the second hand:

Different kinds of players have quite different approaches, and you’ll be able to adjust your strategy and guess their hands once you’ve watched them for a few hands to figure out who’s what.. If you’ve also got an Ace, or you’ve got any other pair, you’ll probably beat them!

Two Example Hands of Serendipity Poker – A Lose and an “All In” Win

When matching your Pocket Cards with cards on the table, you’re looking for the following combinations. Now, back to Final Fantasy.

If two players both have the same kind of hand, then the player with the highest-ranking cards in the hand wins (a pair of Kings beats a pair of Queens, for example.)

Here’s the order of gameplay.

Let’s look at an example, the video I showed above. Another strategy is to wait them out if the betting stays within your budget: they may bet at the Flop, but don’t be fooled, they could fold two cards later.

Eva’s shown me before that she’s reckless, although not quite Armando-crazy. It’s possible that when Eva bet after the Flop, she had gotten two pairs, matching each of her pocket cards. It’s part of a fictional story in which one of the characters (right) has to play games in a surreal pocket of the afterlife in order to “win” his son back and help them escape.

Pay Attention to WHEN Opponents Bet or Fold

Reckless players like Armando are harder to handle. They’ll often fold on the Turn (fourth) card if they don’t have anything yet, even if it would cost them no additional coins to Check.

For ranking purposes, Ace is the highest/strongest card.

The following video shows two hands. On the other hand, if you are a newbie, please see the bottom of this page for Gameplay Basics, including a free printable poker hands chart!

If it’s an absolute tie — even the Kicker cards are the same numbers — then the pot is split.

Since she didn’t bet until the Flop, that means she must have matched one of the Flop cards with a pocket card. You can usually beat them then if your pocket cards also make something. Each turn, everyone has a chance to bet or fold. (This is typical of a Reckless player.)

Also, if opponents only bet after a pair appears on the table, they may have NOTHING in their pocket. They’ll probably Fold rather than risk All In.

From Weakest to Strongest

I’m assuming most gamers have come to this page AFTER you’ve played Serendipity Poker enough to know the flow of the game: you’re just looking for winning strategies. In the second hand, the player risks raising the stakes to “All In.”

Wimps are easy to handle. Steady has been going check, check, check or call, call, call to your bets, try All In. Compare their likely hands to what you’ve got, and bet or check accordingly.

Intermediate Tips: Reading Opponents’ Moves

There are three levels of games: you start with 1000,10,000, or 100,000 coins (the “buy-in). (Tip: if it’s a low card, like a two, an aggressive opponent may be betting too highly on a lowly pair of cards and will be easy to beat).

If hands match, then one looks at the Side Cards: those that didn’t figure in the combo. Just be ready to use the Escape Hatch if it turns out that for once, they really did have a hand worth betting the farm for. These are listed from weakest to strongest, so hands further down the list will beat those above it.

This page is about a fictional card game within a video game universe. I’ve divided them into Wimps (fold Pre-Flop or Flop if they haven’t gotten at least a pair), Reckless (will bet or call even if they have NOTHING), and Steady (in between these two extremes).

This means that if an opponent doesn’t bet Pre-Flop, and bets right after the dealer puts a card on the table, then their pocket cards are mismatched, and they just matched that table card somehow. In the first one, the player rashly keeps calling even with no hand at all. They’ll usually Call your raise, then fold, chewing through all their coins very quickly. A steady opponent would’ve betted with 3 of a Kind or better, so there’s a good chance they don’t have a great hand. I think the same-named player always acts the same way, but I haven’t played enough times to be sure. They’ll Bet or Raise only if they have something especially good, like a Full House. No real-world money can be bet, lost or won. Here, she doesn’t Bet until the Flop, so her pocket cards are NOT a pair (or she would have raised the bet during Pre-Flop).

In Serendipity Poker, you try to build the best hand you can from the two cards in your hand (“pocket cards”) and the five cards the dealer places on the table. Steady opponents will almost always Call raises and bets. (But be careful. Yet, if they’ve got at least One Pair, they’ll go with the flow and Call after someone else Bets or Raises… Pay attention to Eva in the second hand.

The most important point to remember is that opponents treat cards on the table and in their pocket the same way, never taking into account the kicker.

By observing patterns in when opponents bet or fold, you can soon learn to guess what kind of hand they’re holding before you’ve committed too many coins to the pot.


Wimps like Serge are the easiest to spot and deal with. Just raise 4X during pre-flop, bet for the Flop and Turn cards, then go All In. But you ALSO have that good pair, since it’s on the table

Playing the Odds by Nora Roberts: Review

Little did she know her father, Daniel MacGregor, senthis friend, Justin Blade, on a relaxing trip. It was just a coincidence that it was on his daughter’s ship and he just happened to be a gambler and would happen by the casino to see Serena. And someone holds a grudge against him that may or may not change thier relationship.

Serena MaacGregor had been on a cruise ship for a year. When Justin figures out who she is exactly he keeps his mouth shut till the ship is on the way back home. They spend this whole trip fighting attraction but yet laughing and having fun.

Now that Serena’s home she totally told her father off for trying to set her up. Manager at his casino in Atlanta, The Comanche.

Get the book to find out what happens.. She is a blackjack dealer in the little casino on The Carnival. She becomes partners with him… more ways than one.

But Justin has a past. THis was her last trip and she planned on enjoying herself. Then after he told her, he offered her a job. The good thing that does come out of it is tht she not only decides to accept Justin’s offer but Serena takes it a step further

NBA commissioner Adam Silver says legalize sports betting

AP / Mark Lennihan

CBS Evening News

Does NBA commissioner have support of team owners?

CBS News special correspondent James Brown speaks with Scott Pelley about whether NBA team owners will support Commissioner Adam Silver’s push to…

“These requirements would include: mandatory monitoring and reporting of unusual betting-line movements; a licensing protocol to ensure betting operators are legitimate; minimum-age verification measures; geo-blocking technology to ensure betting is available only where it is legal; mechanisms to identify and exclude people with gambling problems; and education about responsible gaming,” Silver wrote.

“It is a thriving underground business that operates free from regulation or oversight,” Silver wrote. 6, 2014 in New York. “Because there are few legal options available, those who wish to bet resort to illicit bookmaking operations and shady offshore websites.”

Silver insists that his priority would still be to protect the integrity of basketball if betting were legalized.

Play Video

Silver, who officially took over the league in February, said that although his and other pro sports organizations have staunchly opposed placing bets on games, the practice is still widespread and should be legalized and regulated.

Sunday Morning

Pete Rose: “I’ll get into the Hall of Fame”

Preview: The former Cincinnati Red who was blackballed for gambling talks to Lee Cowan about his chances of being voted into the National Basebal…

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“But I believe that sports betting should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver answers questions at a news conference after a deal was announced between the league and TV networks, Monday, Oct. Chris Christie just signed a bill into law authorizing sports betting at casinos in that state.

He cited an estimate that said as much as $400 million is waged on sporting contests each year, and also pointed out that states offer various forms of gambling anyway ranging from lotteries to casinos.. All Rights Reserved.

NEW YORK – NBA commissioner Adam Silver has come out in favor of allowing betting on professional sports, according to an op-ed published in The New York Times Thursday evening.

The NBA and other leagues have opposed such measures because they would violate the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, also known as the “Bradley Act.” But Silver says times have changed since then.

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“I am a strong proponent of legalized sports wagering in New Jersey,” Christie said last month at the bill signing. “But given earlier decisions by federal courts, it was critical that we follow a correct and appropriate path to curtail new court challenges and expensive litigation.”

Currently, Nevada is the only state with has legal sports betting.

Instead, he says, Congress should adopt a “framework” to authorize betting that would fall under federal guidelines, similar to other countries that allow sports wagering.

As Silver points out, New Jersey Gov

Things to Do in Niagara Falls, Canada

to 7 p.m. Holders of the card are also entitled to free parking while visiting the casino.

Casino Niagara, 5705 Falls Ave., 1-888-325-5788, was the temporary casino while Fallsview Casino was being constructed, but, due to its prime location in Clifton Hill, it remains open. The waterpark is directly connected to three hotels.

The City of Niagara Falls, always one of Ontario’s popular tourist destinations, has burgeoned over the past 15 years with many new entertainment facilities due to the opening of Casino Niagara in 1996 and the later Fallsview Casino in 2004. Raincoats provided. A visit to Niagara Falls can be combined with a stop in the quaint Niagara-on-the-Lake, just 25 minutes from the Falls, or a drive through Niagara Region.

Maid of the Mist boat tour travels from the boarding deck at Queen Victoria Park near River Road and Clifton Hill for a 30-minute, fun-soaked ride underneath the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The Casino has 1,600 slot machines, and 45 table games including Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Roulette, Craps, Three- and Four-Card Poker, Let it Ride, Spanish 21 and Big Six Wheel, as well as three restaurants and one bar. The Bird Kingdom is open year-round and hours are (Sept. Adults $16.95; Seniors $14.95, Child 4-15 $11.95. Also includes bats and owls and exotic reptiles such as lizards and tortoises. There is free live music every weekend, as well as a Yuk Yuk’s comedy club. to 5 p.m.; (July, Aug.) 9:30 a.m. Better hurry though because according to a Niagara Parks fact sheet, scientists think it’s possible that the American Falls could dry up in the next 2,000 years. Famous passengers include Theodore Roosevelt, Marilyn Monroe, Mikhail Gorbachev, President Jimmy Carter, Princess Diana, Princes William and Harry, and Jim and Pam from The Office. Niagara Falls, Canada has become a well rounded tourist destination as a result of the construction of Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview Casino. Adults $15.60, Child (6-12) $9.57, 5 and under free.

The Whirlpool Aero Car, 3850 Niagara Parkway, makes a 10-minute journey between Canadian shores over the Niagara Whirlpool, which is formed at the end of the rapids. Opens March 14, 2011. Casino Niagara is directly connected to the Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls – Fallsview Hotel.

Niagara Falls, Canada Attractions

Casino Niagara Falls

The two Niagara Falls casinos bookend the American Falls and the Canadian Falls:

Niagara Falls now offers the following active and educational attractions for families with children:

Tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the mighty Niagara Gorge and Whirlpool Rapids will enjoy these Niagara Falls activities on the water:

Bird Kingdom, 5651 River Rd., 905-356-8888 or 1-866-994-0090, is the world’s largest free-flying aviary with over 400 exotic birds such as macaws and Lorikeets in a tropical rainforest setting. to June) 10 a.m. Tickets, which can be purchased at Niagara Welcome Centres, are Adults $12.25, Children (6-12) $7.95, and 5 and under Free

Kids’ Activities at Niagara Falls. Take a break from gambling to enjoy a first class buffet dinner for only $20 with a Players Advantage Card (available at the casino) at the Grand Buffet whose window seats overlook the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Save $6 off each ticket if purchased online.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is a 125,000 square foot facility with 16 waterslides including some which are six storeys high, a 1,000 gallon tipping bucket, an indoor wave pool, a beach house, and a year-round outdoor sundeck and activity pool. The brave will be tempted to test their courage by holding a python. A trip to the Falls can now be supplemented with family activities such as visits to the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark or Bird Kingdom, while tourists who prefer activities on the Niagara River will enjoy the Maid of the Mist or taking the Aero Car across the Niagara Whirlpool.

Fallsview Casino, 6380 Fallsview Blvd., 1-888-325-5788, features 3,000 slot machines, 150 gaming tables, seven restaurants, three bars and a wedding chapel. The aero car is suspended by six stury cables. The following Niagara Falls attractions are some of the most popular events for families and singles.

Fallsview Casino, CanadaA trip to Ontario without a visit to Niagara Falls is a miss. And for Canadians, no matter how many times you’ve been to the Falls, its majestic power never ceases to impress